Manager - Add Supplemental

Supplemental Professional Development


If you have employees who have completed or will be completing supplemental professional development, you can now add that to their EDGE Learning Profile. This can be a conference, certification program, professional certification or Continuing Education Units (CEUs). You can also view the supplemental professional development your employees have added to their EDGE Learning record allowing you to view everything in one  location. 

How to Add Completed Supplemental Professional Development 

1.   Select the navigation menu in EDGE Learning (3 lines to the left of the University of Arizona logo)

2.  Select My Team 

3.  Select Add completed course

4.  Select Add new

5.  Enter Required Information 

  • Course/Certificate Name
  • Completed Date
  • Attachment of certification or letter of completion stating the name of the training attended, date(s), and hours​​​​​

6.   Add any optional details you would like to include  

7.   Select Save and Next 

8.   Select the checkbox next to team member you are adding supplemental  professional development for 

9.   Select the Date link and choose a date equal to or less than today's date 

10.  Select Save and Close 

If you make a mistake in your upload process and need your entry removed, please reach out to the EDGE Learning Team at

How to View Supplemental Learning 

1.  Select the navigation menu in EDGE Learning (3 lines  to the left of the University of Arizona logo)

2.  Select My Team 

3.  Select Dashboard

4.  Select Manager Dashboards

5.  Select Supplemental Professional Development

6.  The report will display your team members and associated number of supplemental professional development learnings

7.  To view completed learning details of the learners select their name.