Offering Designs

Offering Designs

EDGE Learning offers different training formats to fit your training needs. This section is designed to provide a high level overview of different EDGE Learning training design options you can select from. These options will be covered more in depth during your consultation with the EDGE Learning Team. If you have not already done so, please complete the consultation form.

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Determine Your Content Format 

EDGE Learning will support multiple content formats. You can even include multiple content formats in your training. Select the options that work best for you. 


  • Word Document
  • PDF
  • PowerPoint
  • Images

 Authoring Tool Content

  • SCORM Package 1.2
  • ZipFiles 
  • AICC
  • TinCan


  • Video hosted by Panopto ​
  • Videos recorded in Zoom
  • YouTube videos
  • URL links

Select a Class Type 

EDGE Learning offers three different class formats to fit your training needs. 

Web-Based Trainings (WBT)

Offer your learners on-demand videos & learning experiences from experts in your department. 

  • Perfect for Asynchronous learning
  • Learners can take your training at any time from any location

Virtual Instructor-Led Trainings (VILT)

Facilitate classes virtually to allow learners to participate in your training regardless of where they are located! 

  • Instructor-led and delivered online via Zoom
  • Designated start & end time

Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

Does your training need that face-to-face interactive component? Try our traditional in-person learning option. 

  • Delivered in-person in a classroom setting
  • Designated start & end time

Package Your Training as a Certification or Curriculum (Optional)

You have the option to build certifications and curricula within EDGE Learning. These options allow you to create a more in-depth trainings and/or bundle multiple modules together into one cohesive training. 


A certification is comprised of one or more modules grouped together in a learning bundle to form a training designed to certify learners in specific skills or for specific job duties.

  • Certifications can be a one time training or require periodic recertification
  • Contains a set expiration date
  • Learners can only recertify via a recertification path


A bundle of courses and/or evaluations that covers a specific topic or provides comprehensive coverage of a specific topic.

  • Curriculum do not expire
  • Cannot contain nested Certifications.

Additional Options (Optional)


The EDGE Learning supports quizzes and knowledge checks. These can be built into a training using an authoring tool or the Saba Assessments authoring tool.  We suggest using the SABA assessment tool when you need detailed reporting within EDGE Learning analytics for text-based assessments. The SABA tool is not suitable for multimedia scenario-style or simulation-based assessments.


You can incorporate a survey into your training to gather feedback from learners. EDGE Learning supports surveys created within authoring tools or the Saba Assessments authoring tool. We suggest using this tool when you need detailed reporting within EDGE Learning analytics for text-based assessments. 


A checklist is essentially a to-do list that can contain one or more tasks in a particular order that learners should complete. Once completed, the checklist can be marked as complete allowing the learner to move on to the next activity.


A task is an activity that can be added to a training as a recommendation or a requirement. This can be used to instruct learners to complete a step prior to taking the training such as reading pre-work assignments or logging into a specific website. Tasks can be added to any class type.