Add Supplemental Professional Development

Add Supplemental Professional Development 

Highlighting and tracking your professional development is important. EDGE Learning now allows you to upload completed supplemental professional development such as an attended conference, certificate program, professional certification, or Continuing Education Units to your Completed Learning for your records. This will help you track all of the investments in yourself in one place.

How to Add Supplemental Professional Development

  1.   Log into EDGE Learning
  2.  Select the Navigation Menu in EDGE Learning (3 horizontal lines to the left of the University of Arizona logo)
  3.   Select Me
  4.   Select the Actions drop down next to "My Plan"
  5.   Select Add Completed Course
  6.   Select Add New
  7.   Fill out the pop-up form with: 
    • Course/Certificate Name
    • Description 
    • Completed Date
    • Click on Additional Details to attach documentation or letter of completion stating the name of the training attended, date(s) and hours​​​​​​  
  8.   Select Save

If you make a mistake in your upload process and need your entry removed, please reach out to the EDGE Learning Team at

What Can I Import?

Any supplemental training you import will become part of your University of Arizona training record and can be viewed by your supervisor. Please keep this in mind while utilizing this feature. 

Any career-based training or conference you have attended that you would like added to your learning record. 

Examples include: CUPA HR Conference, IT Summit, WRRC Annual Conference 

External learning opportunities you have pursued to learn new skills, enhance your current skillset, or stay up-to-date on current trends. 

Examples include: Public Speaking, Coursera 

A credential that showcases your knowledge, skills, and experience in a certain job or subject matter. 

Examples include: Certificate programs held through Continuing & Professional Education

Units of credits given for continuing education or training for professional licensure or certification. 

Examples include: SHRM, Arizona CME

Learning opportunities that happen alongside or compliment what students are learning.  

Examples include: Fast Track, Forage, Google uX