Content Guidance

Content Guidance

Content in this context refers to the materials you are presenting to learners. This includes the training components your department creates and maintains such as videos, quizzes, and interactive modules.  We recommend reviewing your content annually to ensure it is still relevant and accurate. This guidance has been informed by the best practices of the University including inclusivity, accessibility, and learner experience and engagement.

Create Quality Content 

  • Ensure content meets the needs of the learners and program
  • Ensure content is accurate and relevant. This may include evidence-based practice, peer review, best practices, and/or Subject Matter Expert's review 
  • Ensure content includes learning science strategies 

Learning Science Strategies 

Make Your Training Inclusive

  • Use Office of Diversity & Inclusion recommended language for campus continuity
  • Use gender-neutral references and pronouns
  • Use culturally and linguistically appropriate content and images

Pronoun Guidance 

Engage Learners 

Design training that includes Active Learning Strategies 

  • Knowledge checks
  • Case studies
  • Question & Answer sessions or exercises
  • Use visuals that support and are appropriate for content

 Active Learning Strategies

Make Trainings Easy to Navigate

  • Use consistent layouts and organization of content
  • Use headings to organize the structure of your content
  • Use self-describing language for hyperlinks 
  • Review for navigation usability

Using Headings Effectively 

Using Hyperlinks Effectively 

Using Images

  • Use copyright free, high quality, appropriate and relevant visual aids

  • Provide alternate text (text equivalents) for images

Branding & Marketing Images 

Copyright Free Images

Adobe Stock Images

Alternate Text Guidance

Using Audio & Video

Audio and video are not required but can help engage learners.

  • Caption per UArizona Captioning Guidelines
  • Use high quality (clear and crisp) audio and video

UArizona Captioning Guidelines 

Captioning Vendors

Branding & Marketing Video Guidelines 

Keep Brand Guidelines in Mind

  • Follow brand guidelines including colors, typography, and logo use
  • Use authoring tool built in layouts like PowerPoint templates vs. creating your own

  • Use good color contrast

UArizona Branding & Marketing 

PowerPoint Tips 

Color Contrast Guide

Review Your Training Prior to Launch

  • Have content reviewed by at least two colleagues for feedback 

  • Have content reviewed by legal counsel if applicable

  • Ensure usability with a screen reader or assistive technology through a DRC consultation Or IT Accessibility

DRC Consultation 

IT Accessibility Consultation 

University Accessibility Fundamentals 

The following resources can help you ensure your content is accessible for all learners. 

Universal Design

Creating Accessible Content

IT Accessibility

EDGE Description Guidance 

This guidance is designed to ensure course, certification, and curricula descriptions remain consistent and clear for learners. 


  • Concise 1-3 sentence description to explain the purpose of this offering to the learner
  • All descriptions start with this sentence: This offering is hosted by (host department), for questions please contact (hyperlinked email).
  • 2,200 character max to provide best system visibility for learners
  • Default to system formatting settings for font, size, etc.
  •  For emphasis use bold ability or add Special Note:
  • Avoid use of bullets and en-dash in the description because of the issues with smart characters and UAIR Analytics compatibility. : is known to be OK.

Example Description & Resources

This offering is hosted by EDGE Learning Team, for questions please contact   This is a required training to be provisioned in the Registrar role which is a role with a special security access in EDGE Learning. The Registrar role gives training coordinators the ability to assign learning to individuals who are not their direct reports. To learn more about the role please visit


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